Coconut water – ‘Savior’ in The Menstrual Period

Before the menstrual period, women often have some symptoms such as back pain, chest tightness, always feel uncomfortable… At this time drinking coconut water will help reduce these syndromes. However, you absolutely should not drink cold to avoid the welding uterus causing dysmenorrhea.

The use of drinking coconut water during menstruation

Not only before, but also during the menstrual cycle women can also drink coconut water. The nutrients and minerals found in coconut water will help the uterus to be softer, less painful in the menstrual period.

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If you have a plan that is hindered by the fear of
“menstrual period”, you can also drink coconut water for menstrual periods. This is a method for menstruation to arrive earlier than usual.
Some notes when drinking coconut water
Although coconut water is good for your health, you should not overdo it. You should only drink up to 2 glasses a day, if you exceed the prescribed level you will experience some symptoms such as cold body, stomach ache, indigestion, decreased ability to reflect,…

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