Successful brand name is equal to prestige and quality of the products


All of the fruits which are exporting must meet the standard HACCP, GLOBALGAP, ETC. Dragon Fruit, Durian, Longan, Star Apple, Pomelo, Mango, Rambutan, Coconut, etc, which have been exported to many countries USA, Australia, Canada for instance, be monitored and controlled strictly in the whole process from the planted area to packaging with advanced technology.

Besides, customers can investigate the origin from the planted area to the harvest time. By doing this, all of the fruits is committed that is Clean, Fresh and Delicious

We operate extensively

We do business across regions of the country and your countries. With many years of experience and prestige, synchronous and modern systems of factories, lines, machinery and equipment, warehouses are located at “navel” points, gathering points or seaports convenient for purchasing, processing and exporting agricultural products, ensuring customer service anytime, anywhere.

Applying the quality management system according to ISO and HACCP standards, our company has produced and supplied the market with high quality products, meeting export standards, ensuring requirements. hygiene and food safety. The company is constantly improving technology, applying new science and technology to improve the quality of products and services.

Experienced staff

With a wide range of truck systems, tonnage and experienced and enthusiastic staff. Surely we will satisfy our customers if we cooperate. We are committed to fulfilling all contracts, quantities, items, fields in which we operate.

As an enterprise with rich experience, business and investment cooperation with many prestigious partners in the country and in the world. Our partners are mainly processing factories, trading companies, Chinese, Japanese, American, Dutch, French, Bangladeshi and Indian markets …


We are committed to ensuring the quantity, quality, moisture and technical components in accordance with the requirements of partners with each export order.

With the highest responsibility, we are committed to the products and services provided by the Company will be the best products and services, satisfying all the needs of customers.

With the concept “The best way to compete and develop is to ensure the interests of customers”, We look forward to business cooperation, investment and development together, sharing profits with partners in and foreign.

We wish our customers and partners plenty of health, success and happiness!

It is a pleasure to work with you and businesses all over the country.