Shared of the King of fruit export Nguyen Dinh Tung

Occupying about 50% of Vietnam’s fresh fruit export turnover to the US, and is gradually gaining a foothold in this fastidious market, but Mr. Nguyen Dinh Tung, General Director of Vina T&T Group is still not satisfied with what has been achieved.
he confrontation with Thai fruit or many other competitors is fierce, Vietnamese fruit must be entered into the American supermarket system, handed to consumers with the best quality in the near future.

The King of fruit export Nguyen Dinh Tung

“My company is one of the first companies to export dragon fruit to the US. But in the years of economic crisis in 2012 that made the company too difficult, I was going to turn to another business.

The motivation for me to continue fighting the fruit field is my wife. She was from the West, the largest fruit-growing region in the country, watching the farmer produce fresh fruits that had to be sold cheaply, piled up, precarious outputs that prompted me to seek export. At the same time, my many-year partner in the US tried to contact the fruit importers because the consumers there were “addicted” and complimented, I decided to do my best to bring the fresh fruit of Vietnam to conquer the markets in the world ”, Mr. Tung shared.

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