The people in his wife’s hometown are very proud of businessman Nguyen Dinh Tung who built a fruit export company

Vina T&T is the leading exporter to the United States, accounting for 50% of the approximately 15 Vietnamese enterprises export fruits to this market.

“Midwives” brought mango and Siamese coconuts into the United States

In 2018, Vietnam’s exports of vegetables and fruits reached more than US $ 3.7 billion. Information from Forbes said that Vina T&T revenue reached 30 million USD. It is also the leading exporter to the United States, accounting for 50% of the volume of about 15 Vietnamese enterprises exporting fresh fruits to this fastidious market.

The number that Vina T&T announced in 2018 that the company exported more than 7,200 tons of coconut fruit, 3,800 tons of dragon fruit, 2,800 tons of longan and 200 tons of rambutan. In 2017, Ben Tre Siamese coconut first entered the US market thanks to Vina T&T. In April 2019, the company continued to bring the first 15 tons of  elephant-mango and Cat Chu mangoes to the US, the world’s largest import market of mangoes.

“I want my wife’s family to be proud and Vietnamese fruits grow sustainably and be known to the world,” said Nguyen Dinh Tung, founder of Vina T&T. This businessman had more than ten years of exporting agricultural products before turning to fresh fruits.

Very few people know that Mr. Tung used to work in the police  apartment and then the CEO of Vina T&T who was born in 1978 worked in the police apartment and started up in the transportation field. Mr. Tung’s wife was born in the West. The two words T&T in the name Vina T&T are a combination of  Mr. Tung and his wife – Thao.

On the website of Vina T&T, the company shows that it specializes in exports including fruits of international standard HACCP, GLOBALGAP … such as Dragon Fruit, Durian, Longan, Milk Breast, Pomelos, Mango, Rambutan, Coconut … to fastidious markets like the United States, Australia, Canada. Currently, the company has factories in Dong Thap, Ben Tre and Tien Giang and cooperates with VNPT so that customers can trace the origin of fruits and plant quarantine certificates.

After a successful period of exporting, Vina T&T has started to focus on the domestic market when it recently launched a fruit and coffee shop chain named Fruits T&T. These stores were established with the goal of providing clean fruits with export standards, smoothies and clean coffee to Vietnamese users.

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