In 2 days – 22th and 23th of August, on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of its founding, Vina T&T Group organized a vacation tour for all employees and the company’s 5-year anniversary program was held on the evening of August 22th.


In the evening of August 22, in a cozy and solemn atmosphere at the TTC resort, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Tung shared a few words about the journey of the past 5 years, looking back on the 5 years with achievements, Mr. Tung realized that he was a lucky man because he had helpers to get the results as today.

Currently, Vina T&T Group has 6 subsidiaries, namely VINA T&T Import Export Service Trading Co., Ltd., representative company of YIBAO, Sohatravel Tourism Company, Kim Thanh 1 factory, Kim Thanh 2 factory and chain stores of domestic fruits “Fruits T&T”.

Besides the sweet fruits, every successful journey also comes through difficulties and challenges. However, deciding to walk, pay the price and with a burning heart, made Vina T&T step over difficulties and become stronger and stronger.

Mr. Tung also sent his sincere thanks to all employees in the company who have trusted and accompanied Vina T&T to this moment.

In that touching moment, Board of directors Vina T&T Group opened a champagne and cut cake to celebrate the group’s 5-year journey. Each member of the Vina T&T Group lit the fireworks, dazzling the whole room as the dream of growing and shining even more.

In the spirit of joy, the Board of Directors decided to reward individuals and collectives for fulfilling their assigned tasks, individuals with the longest working seniority and supporting employees with disadvantaged.

5 years was not a long journey but enough to make efforts and reap success. We hope that Vina T&T Group will continuously develop, reach further, and then we will continue together on the journey of 10 years, 20 years, 30 years.

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